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Callicoon Hall Console Table By¬†Zipcode Design 

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December 09, 2019


This sectional is good for an inferior apartment sized living room. It’s not one of the most comfortable but I trust it are certain to get better with use. Assembly was simple and fast.

December 09, 2019


Came early , took about 15 min to build ,looks the same as picture and came how described

December 09, 2019


It was an easy task to unpack and quick to construct. It is a nice looking piece plus a good addition to my lounge.  read more 

December 09, 2019


The sofa was missing the legs; and then we thought it take a seat on the floor, that has been not satisfactory with my partner. He thought it was poorly made and too small for a job room. Sorry, but I can't offer a rating above 2 stars....Read More  read more 

December 09, 2019


It's great I will be ordering an appreciation seat for the reason that same brand.  read more 


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