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Console Table By¬†Cole & Grey 

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Customer reviews: Console Table By Cole & Grey



July 20, 2019


My son and his girlfriend find it irresistible. They said it turned out the right size for new place.

July 20, 2019



July 20, 2019


My living room looks great  read more 

July 20, 2019


Good buy for the retail price - This is a smaller scale sofa that's great for apartment living The bottom cushions are incredibly firm and are not removable It is extremely all to easy to come up with but doesn't stay together when moving - this can be fixed with all the installation of brackets but you might have to be handy and have tools to create such a adjustment...Read More  read more 

July 20, 2019


I ordered this sofa for my son's apartment. He had been living with just a loveseat due to the height and width of the previous place but his new place is greater and then we decided to give a sofa. This one is definitely barely larger than the loveseat. I although it would be more plush. It was an easy task to get into the apartment with just one individual and simple to put together. It was shorter and not as deep once we would've liked however it is firm, the best color and seats 3 pe read more 


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