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Vivienne Console Table By¬†Orren Ellis 

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Vivienne Console Table By Orren Ellis Reviews 2019



November 13, 2019


I love everything regarding the sectional with one exception, I wish it was just a touch softer. The couch is quite firm. I needed a thing that would fit commencing the basement and also, since it came in three boxes, it fit perfectly....Read More

November 13, 2019


Perfect, very delighted by this furniture. Looks great and comfy. Great Price also.

November 13, 2019


Love it! Easy to build and happy with it  read more 

November 13, 2019


I was very on edge regarding how ordering a couch would turn out, however I am VERY satisfied and shocked on the quality and stylishness with this couch with the price I purchased it at. Mission Accomplished!!...Read More  read more 

November 13, 2019


I love it is affordable and super cute  read more 

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