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Guidinha Console Table By¬†One Allium Way 

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October 15, 2019


I love our new furniture. It makes the area feel larger as well as the storage within the ottoman is extremely good. It looks great and is also very comfortable. Price was great as well. Great delivery team also.

October 15, 2019


The best service I’ve ever had. Came in and completely create this beautiful sectional. Absolutely satisfied and would recommend shopping with Wayfair!

October 15, 2019


It is a touch stiff but size wise they can fit well during my house  read more 

October 15, 2019


Wasn‚Äôt truly the sort of black I thought it might be, if you do have a pet that sheds a whole lot I wouldn‚Äôt recommend this couch. As far as quality, it‚Äôs fine for the purchase price I paid.  read more 

October 15, 2019


Awesome  read more 

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