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Pierpoint 1 Drawer Console Table By¬†Astoria Grand 

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November 21, 2019


very good

November 21, 2019


It’s functional. Narrow and firm.

November 21, 2019


I ordered this sofa for my son's apartment. He had been living with just a loveseat due to size of the existing place but his new place is larger and then we thought we would include a sofa. This one is just barely larger than the loveseat. I though it could be more plush. It was an easy task to enter the apartment with just a single person and easy to put together. It was shorter rather than as deep even as we would've liked however it is firm, the right color and seats 3 people and that's  read more 

November 21, 2019


So so so comfortable! I love the firmer cushions. Perfect for my smaller apartment! So cute!  read more 

November 21, 2019


Simple black couch. Easy to build with 2 people but it‚Äôs kind of hard. The Seats are small, and harmful to sleeping. Good for in the event you don‚Äôt really sit with your living room  read more 

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