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Eglantine Wood Flip Top Console Table By¬†Charlton Home 

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August 19, 2019


I bought this for my granddaughter and she or he loves it. Everything regarding it is excellent. It's comfortable, spacious, and appears fantastic. Thumbs up

August 19, 2019


It is larger than expected, which I like! The ottoman is good for space for storage! It was delivered in 3 separate boxes, that most came concurrently, and it was simple enough to build! My only con is the pillows, I was unaware how the pillows were 2 kinds of material (one part is the same material on the sofa as well as the other was pleather). I am slightly disappointed the pillows have pleather, but overall I love the sofa ottoman!...Read More

August 19, 2019


I purchased this couch for the office plus it looks much better inside the picture. It's not too sturdy, it's cheap and it is super dark black, within the pictures it appears more grey. Fabric looks cheap as well and legs are plastic. It will probably be best for a college student it doesn't desire to spend a lot of cash for the couch and do not must ensure that is stays to get a long time. It is a breeze to assembly - like lego pieces. I called wayfair and they set up a pick-up date co read more 

August 19, 2019


The Sofa is perfect for a tiny size apartment. Very easy to construct, I am a female and I assemble it in less than 30 mins. Its firm It‚Äôs not soft enough to even sleep on and its lowshort. Only downfall may be the Fed Ex guy failed to deliver it to my 3rd Floor Apartment. He literally left it in front of the house. I had to get it step by step approximately my apartment its heavy! Other than that its an excellent looking sofa for specifically the retail price....Read More  read more 

August 19, 2019


very tough to take a seat on. tall and painful if you're short..  read more 


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