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- Alcanza Console Table By Bungalow Rose

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Alcanza Console Table By¬†Bungalow Rose 

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Customer reviews: Alcanza Console Table By Bungalow Rose



September 22, 2019


The color is a lot more of a blue then grey. I like it. Fits perfect in my space and also the rug I also order mixes perfectly.

September 22, 2019


Perfect for your upstairs den. We have movie night frequently and needed something more comfy and this was an ideal choice! The delivery guys were awesome!

September 22, 2019


a nice sofa and straightforward to assemble. it's small , as well as not very deep as well as the money it's entirely servicable. my cats adore it!  read more 

September 22, 2019


Great purchase, very easy to put together. Great for a little space.  read more 

September 22, 2019


With every one of the mixed reviews I wasn't sure I was going to such as this but it's a very cute couch for your price. It's quite simple to put together.  read more 

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