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Sterling Console Table By¬†Mayline Group 

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December 15, 2019


The perfect furniture for the space I bought it for. The construction is different than typical couches I've been in yesteryear, but it is comfortable and appears to become durable up to now. I would recommend it.

December 15, 2019


I love the color that will fit my area rug which I also ordered in wayfair as well as my coffee table which was not inside the photo because I wasn’t capable of put it together yet. The sectional sofa has quality and it’s very comfortable. I really find it irresistible!...Read More

December 15, 2019


Small hole in back of couch. Disappointing. Otherwise, the information is preferable to I thought feels like a soft suede. Very easy to construct.  read more 

December 15, 2019


The material could be better  read more 

December 15, 2019


Love it!  read more 


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