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Iglesias Console Table By¬†Brayden Studio 

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December 15, 2019


Love large! Super easy to create! Delivery in the house was super quick! Perfect size!

December 15, 2019


Love large. The size is a bit less space-consuming than expected but overall to the price nice sectional. Had some trouble putting the rear on the sectional. Some pieces didnt fit.

December 15, 2019


Looks fantastic. Put it together without any help eventhough it will assistance to have 2 people. The couch is very hard. It‚Äôs weird because it‚Äôs not uncomfortable hard however, you definitely don‚Äôt sink into the cushions, it'll probably break in more with use. Overall for your look and price I am happy....Read More  read more 

December 15, 2019


I love that it‚Äôs a breeze to develop! It‚Äôs super soft and comfortable  read more 

December 15, 2019


It was all to easy to build but I am not impressed while using comfort. If I had added time to appear I would not have bought this.  read more 

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