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Camden Console Table By¬†Serta at Home 

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October 19, 2019


It was simple to assemble. Took me less than an hour or so. I love the sectional and exactly how firm it can be. My children thinks it is too firm but it is dependent on preference. If you like your furniture to be firm and solid this could be ideal for you....Read More

October 19, 2019


It’s really nice in my space. It’s sleek. It’s a medium size therefore it fits well.

October 19, 2019


Love my sofa and love Wayfair!!!  read more 

October 19, 2019


Love ‚̧ԳŹ my Ibiza Sofa I have a happy family room,  read more 

October 19, 2019


Kind of tiny great for small apartments or good starter couch!  read more 


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