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Flemington Wooden Console Table By¬†Ebern Designs 

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November 17, 2019


Delivery just for this sectional took about 2 weeks, that has been faster than most reviews. The sectional itself was extremely all to easy to put together... no tools required and required 30 min to create. The sectional is extremely firm but I love that about it honestly. My husband mentioned he wished it were a little bigger but you get everything you buy. I think the scale is ok honestly and I'm 5'8". I am not keen on the huge sectionals with all the plush cushions which usually look

November 17, 2019


It is a bit firm and I haven't even been with them 12 months and already have 2 tears within it. It does look great though

November 17, 2019


This couch can be so comfy at this kind of bargain!  read more 

November 17, 2019


Bought the full set! Love it ūü•į  read more 

November 17, 2019


Couch came willing to assemble, so that it was all to easy to get up the stairs! The fabric is good, as well as the couch is fairly comfortable. Good for the price.  read more 


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