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Hayley Console Table By¬†Breakwater Bay 

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June 25, 2019



June 25, 2019


The couch is really little omg disgusted I’m returning it ASAP plus it costs 80 dollars over it won’t be buying anymore furniture

June 25, 2019


Very simple to create but small compared to I expected. Needs more couch cushion.  read more 

June 25, 2019


Looks nice. Easy to assemble. Wish the arms were just a little higher  read more 

June 25, 2019


The sofa is perfect. Just what I wanted. Honestly! simple to assemble comfortable. I like it! my only serious complain is because they didn't deliver to my door.. I live in an additional floor and fed-ex left my sofa from the stair in the heart of the side walk! it had not been deliver to my door as promised. Came from work and find a large box in the middle of the medial side walk no near near my door. Very unprofessional. anybody could take my package....Read More  read more 

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