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Bedingfield Console Table By¬†Astoria Grand 

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October 18, 2019


I liked the fitness of the sectional, & didn’t have any issues with the ottoman’s top not shutting. Versatile configurations, based upon in places you place the ottoman. Nice piece of furniture.

October 18, 2019


Very low quality of furniture. Sectional does not seem to fit together properly. Strings hanging in areas there shouldn’t be anything hanging. Gaps and uneven areas through the couch. See pictures. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS COUCH!!!! Bad experience considering it’s the initial new couch I have ever had. I need anyone to come have a look at this.......Read More

October 18, 2019


Everything  read more 

October 18, 2019


Very comfy & perfect size for my room  read more 

October 18, 2019


Great design. Works well for the needs!  read more 


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