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Birdsall Collins Console Table By¬†Bloomsbury Market 

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July 22, 2019


Great price and quality furniture. It was super easy to collect plus it looked (color and texture) and fit (dimensions) as expected. We didn’t intend on with all the ottoman, but it’s being used as extra seating within our living room and it is great storage for your baby supplies. Also, the trunk cushions are that come with Velcro, which I love. I strongly suggest this set....Read More

July 22, 2019


Not comfortable. back of couch is extremely low. If you are 511 or superior to dont buy...

July 22, 2019


Love love love my new couch. It was very easy to create and is also so soft and comfy. Thank you.  read more 

July 22, 2019


I don‚Äôt think this piece is perfect for daily life. More of your dormroom piece!  read more 

July 22, 2019


Style n fabric  read more 

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