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Naveen Console Table By¬†Orren Ellis 

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September 20, 2019


The sectional turned put beautiful. We haven't had the capacity to set it up yet, but did open it to be sure it had been in good condition. It is going to look beautiful inside our new house!

September 20, 2019



September 20, 2019


Absolutely loved this couch! I live by myself where you can small space and yes it fits perfectly within. It took me maybe half an hour to put together so its very easy. Is sturdy, but most likely not a couch youre gonna pass down through generations. Some people say that its a bit firm, plus it is, but I dont mind it at all. Its not like youre sitting on stone. Its still comfortable. I needed something quick, cute, simple, comfortable and affordable and I think to the price you cant go wro read more 

September 20, 2019


It build funiture but quality and sturdy  read more 

September 20, 2019


Perfect in every single way  read more 


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