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Trawick Console Table By¬†Millwood Pines 

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September 23, 2019


I must admit I was scared once I received the delivery. After reading all this bad review. However, after having them I. The box for a lil a lot more than 2 weeks I decided to start them and I’m In love with them !!! First they are firm (more about the difficult side). The back for the couch just isn't as high as I thought it could be (but it still works best for me ) color is fine for some not surprisingly dark gray!. Overall they are what I was expecting they're suitable for my f

September 23, 2019


Horrible couch. So hard. ‚ÄúDark Grey‚ÄĚ is blue. Hard being a rock.

September 23, 2019


So perfect. Lightweight, compact and straightforward to assemble by myself.  read more 

September 23, 2019


Great recliner! We bought 2. We‚Äôve had them per year now and love them.  read more 

September 23, 2019


It looks marvelous!!  read more 


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