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- 12 Pair Hanging Shoe Organizer By Laura Ashley

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12 Pair Hanging Shoe Organizer By┬áLaura Ashley 

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May 22, 2019


The sofa fits comfortably in a - medium dining area. The storage ottoman is a good feature; especially, to the compact NYC life style. The seat cushions are firm, but comfortable. What softness is lacking in the seat is composed for with the plush back cushions. It was an easy assembly. Overall, it is a nice sofa to the price. Just a heads up, the delivery time is substantially longer than initially estimated. The delivery time was over the month (2 months being exact)....Read More

May 22, 2019


Love it

May 22, 2019


It is greater than expected and yes it was an easy task to understand it moved onto my new place!  read more 

May 22, 2019


Love the product quality to the price and assembly can be easy  read more 

May 22, 2019


Love the design and color and in what way I transformed my family area.  read more 

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