Papillon Pups Glass Cutting Board By East Urban Home

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Papillon Pups Glass Cutting Board By¬†East Urban Home 

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June 25, 2019


I like it I think it's beautiful for the right price..

June 25, 2019


Very low quality of furniture. Sectional does not apparently fit together properly. Strings hanging in areas there shouldn’t be anything hanging. Gaps and uneven areas throughout the couch. See pictures. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS COUCH!!!! Bad experience considering it’s the very first new couch I have ever had. I need you to definitely come take a look at this.......Read More

June 25, 2019


It is an extremely nice couch. Was easy to build.  read more 

June 25, 2019


Great couch for that price!  read more 

June 25, 2019


Great couch for that price!  read more 


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