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Nesrine Console Table By¬†One Allium Way 

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Customer reviews: Nesrine Console Table By One Allium Way



October 14, 2019


The delivery team was great ! Super nice and helpful!!!!! Product is very good and straightforward to put together, it is exactly what the thing is inside picture descriptions ( for size colors )

October 14, 2019


Thanks so much Wayfair this new sectional is the best fit for my apartment. The denim color is excellent and I such as the use of to be able to switch the principle pillows around the sofa to generate a different look. This sofa is quite stylish, sturdy and comfortable. I have had my new sofa 1 week and love it!...Read More

October 14, 2019


Not the best sofa obviously as it's pretty cheap. But for what you are spending money on, it lasted so long as I needed to and was pretty comfy as well as simple to collect.  read more 

October 14, 2019


The sofa was missing the legs; therefore we thought it take a seat on the ground, that was not satisfactory with my hubby. He thought it was poorly made and too small for income room. Sorry, but I can't give you a rating above 2 stars....Read More  read more 

October 14, 2019


Sofa is okay kinda small and certainly not comfortable however price was very affordable and also got it in 3 days  read more 


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