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- Magic Wand Console Table By Ambella Home Collection

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Magic Wand Console Table By¬†Ambella Home Collection 

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Perfect Magic Wand Console Table By Ambella Home Collection with Outdoor



October 14, 2019


The sectional came by the due date it took afew minutes to collect. .great coach just ordered recliner.

October 14, 2019


Good couch to the price. It's firm, the information isn't soft, it's really a little rough, but the quality matches the purchase price and it's overall satisfactory. I would recommend this sectional.

October 14, 2019


The fabric is incredibly soft.  read more 

October 14, 2019


Its just extra firm. Thought it could be a bit softer.  read more 

October 14, 2019


Although it is far better than having no couch, it is small, and it's really hard. Further, the material is plush/velvetty and thus, attracts hair.  read more 

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