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Haines Console Table By¬†Andover Mills 

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November 18, 2019


I love my new couch also it looks amazing inside my house. The delivery time was good too didn't have to wait the estimated time given.

November 18, 2019


It was super easy to create. Took me 15min. Love how firm and comfortable the cushions are. The ottoman is great a blanket/pillow storage. Love it

November 18, 2019


The fabric is beautiful and incredibly all to easy to seperate and move up the stairs. I love it.  read more 

November 18, 2019


I ordered this sofa for my son's apartment. He had been living with just a loveseat because of the height and width of the old place but his new place is bigger so we decided to put in a sofa. This one is simply barely bigger than the loveseat. I though it would be more plush. It was an easy task to get into the apartment with just one individual and an easy task to put together. It was shorter rather than as deep even as could have liked but it's firm, the right color and seats 3 people w read more 

November 18, 2019


lightweight  read more 

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