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Bertram Console Table By¬†17 Stories 

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June 20, 2019


Great couch for the great price!

June 20, 2019


Hardest couch ever along with the spring is starting to come through on one end. Never purchase furniture again online awful set.

June 20, 2019


Very sturdy as well as simple to assemble, smaller than what I thought but it is going to do.  read more 

June 20, 2019


I was very impressed while using packing. The instructions were extremely easy to follow, and although the instructions came with an alert that you need to have a couple for assembly, I was able to perform it on my own. Assembly was very easy and required less than 50 % an hour. I think it actually required longer to unpack and organize the pieces pc did to set them together. I have my doubts about the life span because of this couch - the materials seem fairly cheap - but for the money, i read more 

June 20, 2019


Poor quality microfiber. Back of sofa short. Cushions very, very hard. Would love to return it and receive a refund.  read more 


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